The Challenges Facing Media Sales Growth

Client Trend Series: Part 1 of 4

In the first video in this Client Trend series, we address how the needs of client and agency buyers have shifted. Methods that worked just several years ago are gone. Advertisers are demanding a greater return on their spend and they have more options than ever before to achieve this.

Combined with shifting consumer psychographics, new marketing technologies and challenging media buyers – you have some of the biggest challenges the industry has ever experienced. However, the growth opportunities are significant, particularly when making a few important shifts.

Series Overview

There are new challenges ahead for the media sales industry, but also tremendous opportunity. Based on our on-going research with brand and agency buyers, we reveal exactly what they are now looking to buy – and, it’s changed again. Leverage this new insight to close more business.

The opportunity for media sales growth remains significant. As you know, media ad spend projections continue to show growth for the foreseeable future, brand advertisers continue to look for more program integrations and clients are more open than ever before to work directly with media properties.

However, according to our most recent research, the needs of client and agency buyers (and their organizations) have shifted more over the last 24 months than over the last decade. It’s no secret the role of media sales is under full assault. With an increasingly intense competitive set, shrinking client budgets, reduced timelines and difficult media agencies, it is a challenge fully develop each relationship and craft each proposal with the required rigor. As a result, sellers have become reactive, running from one RFP to the next.

Meanwhile, clients’ expectations have spiked. They are demanding media strategy that cuts across a growing number of channels, and immediate business impact. To that end, clients are paying a premium for media buys that more directly contribute to meaningful growth.

In this video series, we address the new industry landscape and key lessons you can apply to your own sellers to improve their pipeline conversion. Develop a new understanding of what the future holds for the ad sales business and how you can begin preparing for the new opportunities.

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Brent Hodgins

Managing Director, Mirren

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